• Build interactive prototypes quickly with HTML and jQuery components. No coding required.
  • Go beyond typical mockups. Create rich interactions.
  • Make your ideas real and tangible in minutes, not days.
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AppSketcher Screenshot. Click to see the configurator prototype running in your browser.

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More about AppSketcher

Easy Start with DnD, WYSIWYG, Outline

Build prototypes how you build PowerPoint slides: Drag and Drop to layout components, then set properties to style them and make them interact.

Work in the Medium You are Designing for

AppSketcher uses a browser(webkit) based design canvas. You can embed a Google Maps, or a YouTube video, or a jQuery UI Tabs as easy as a text field.

Lo-Fi Hi-Fi, Your Decision

Stick to a wireframe theme or spice it up with jQuery ThemeRoller theme. Most of the commonly used CSS styles are supported (no coding required).

Make Your Prototypes Interactive

Links and widgets are good starting points for defining flows and behaviors. Add dynamic states and actions to simulate even richer interactions.

Dynamic Prototype Means Faster Feedback

Prototypes created with AppSketcher can run in any browser and don't require AppSketcher. Ideal for iterating through your designs with clients.

Your prototype is One Browser Click Away

AppSketcher produces HTML/CSS/JavaScript prototypes that you can host or share as you wish. No more viewers or plugins to worry about.

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